custom made mining hoses


HoseTek's custom built mining hose assemblies can be manufactured for suction and delivery applications ranging from low-pressure water to high-pressure slurries.

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pinch valves

Pinch Valves

Allows on line flow speed to be goverened or halted, without disconnecting the hose. Also allows hose replacement with minimal flow interruption.

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This is the most popular method of allowing vibration or movement in connection to generators to be dissipated without damage to metal or fixed lines.

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custom made irrigation hoses

Irrigation and Pumping

HoseTek's water suction and delivery hoses are available in full-vacuum suction or high-pressure delivery for all industrial dewatering and irrigation applications.

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custom made flexihose


Where temperature fluctuation occurs, A Flexihose allows for distortion to be taken up in metal or rigid pipelines.

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custom made dredging hoses

Dredging Hoses

Every hose is custom made and specifically designed to suit each individual need. Hoses can be manufactured with a "soft" or "hard" wall depending on application.

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